Crystal Lite

If school or business wish to manage their own provisioning and want just only "IDP” solution then they may contract the use of just Crystal's "lite" services

  • Contractors do NOT require full Crystal services - just IDP (SSO access) ... all that is required is just the IdP server authenticating against the organisations LDAP and passing this on to the service provider (SP). 
  • In simple terms ... This service is just a cut down cheap version of SSO for those who know what they are doing.
    If school/Businesses/Contractor want the full set of guaranteed Crystal service please go to the full Crystal web site.

Typical clientele that use Crystal Lite.

  • Businesses or schools that just want SSO services for their own Intranet.
  • Identity management providers wanting access to a IDP server including those seeking additional redundancy for their own IDP server(s).
  • It is not advisable for schools or businesses to adopt this light (Crystal lite) service without local and knowledgeable software and/or network support.


  • Setup and configuration costs are the responsibility of the business/school but are often less than $200.
    • It takes Crystal about 30 min to set up a school/business on the IDP server(s). ($50)
    • Some SSO services (e.g. Google Apps) takes about 15min ($25)/school for Crystal to setup.
      Other SSO services are self configuring.
  • Ongoing Lite service costs are based on the size of the school.
  • Invoices are usually sent in advance on a 3 month basis.
    • Small (e.g. Primary school with a roll <300 or small businesses) $30/month
    • Large (e.g. Primary (roll>299), Intermediates and Area Schools) $50/month
    • Very large (e.g. Secondary school or web based businesses) $70/month


Assumption and Questions:

  • Crystal identity web site (for full Crystal users reference)
    • What Crystal step does "Lite" equate to .. Step 2.
    • The Crystal SSO (IDP) web site only shows the Home, links tab and the logout button.
  • Organisation may request their company's name and logo to be on the home page.
    • Will only work if the user is coming from a know company URL. This will only work if coming from a referenced URL
  • Demark point ...Every aspect of provisioning will be the school responsibility.. 
    • The demarcation point would be access to the IDP server (including the redundant IDP servers). 
    • IDP access and management of access to the users LDAP server (including firewall) would the users responsibility.
    • Crystal support ... the school may contract Crystal for support on a 'as needed' basis.
  • Where can I get technical information about service?

Contacts: If a school or provider wishes to contract Crystal Lite - please contact the Crystal Manager (


  • Access ...
  • Crystal lite service operate under the brand name "InfoPOP" (Crystal's holding company) as this 'lite' service does NOT have the Crystal's 100% guarantee of anywhere/anytime/anyhow - two click access and educational support.